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  • Fu Dao Le is a popular live slot machine that features a strong Chinese theme and a series of four progressive jackpots for players to shoot for.
  • Fu Dao Le is a video slot machine made by Bally which is available in both land-based casinos (for example, in Las Vegas and Atlantic City) as well as online. It is also available to play on mobile devices for free or real money.
  • Fu Dao Le Video Slot Jackpots The Red Envelope Jackpot feature is a jackpot win triggered by a left-facing red dragon envelope on reel 1 and a right-facing red dragon envelope on reel 5. The Red Envelope Jackpot amount changes, but winnings are awarded proportionately to the amount wagered.
  • Denomination =.01c Machine, $8.80 Bet. Total Jackpot = $1,364.00. This game is really starting to interest me more and more. It plays out a lot like Fu Dao Lo with its black out screen and progressive picking. I like how in the feature you can pick your volatility on how you want the bonus to play out. So cool to watch. You Tube Creator.
  • Asiatic themed slots are common in many lobbies, but Fu Dao Le Slot machine sets itself apart. Even base play is entertaining with this slot because each spin gives you 243 ways to win. With so many bonuses and jackpot offers, it is easy to see why Fu Dao Le Slot is a favourite amongst slot players. Author: Daniel Bennet Slots rule!
  • Bally Alpha 2 V32 Fu Dao Le $5,000.00 The Alpha 2 V32 showcases a dynamic 32-inch, vertical, high-definition touch-enabled display, that along with the V32’s custom surround sound and game-synchronized lighting provides players with a thrilling game experience.

May 25, 2019 Uncategorized BLW. SDGuy 1234 Sat, May 25, 2019 8:50pm URL: Embed. AND I GOT A JACKPOT! Fu Dao Le Slot Machine W/ SDGuy1234!

JACKPOT POTENTIAL on the Fu Dao Le slot machine by Bally!

Fu Dao Le remains a classic and can be found on most gaming floors and most players have probably given it a shot at one point or another.

The base game is generally a scatter-based game where you win by landing the same symbols on at least 3 consecutive reels from left to right although there is also a lines-based high limit version out there too.

There are three primary features in Fu Dao Le: The Red Envelope Jackpot Feature, the Free Games Bonus, and the Pick Jackpot Feature.

The Red Envelope Feature is triggered by landing special bonus symbols on reels 1 and 5 for a Progressive award that resets at $100 for versions that have a max bet of $8.88. Free bonus registration casino.

The Jackpot Pick Feature is randomly triggered whenever a wild symbol lands on reel 3 and the chance of it occurring increases with your bet level. You then choose coins until you match 3 for a progressive award although the pick is not a 'fair pick' so where you choose doesn't matter.

The Free Games Bonus is triggered by landing bonus symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 for 8 free games although additional free games are awarded whenever any bonus symbol lands on reel 5. During the bonus, reel 3 now contains special stacked wild multipliers of both 2x and 3x to help you score that Big Win or Jackpot!

A feature that's now common in many slot machines is a 'foreshadowing' event which is an audio and visual cue that when it occurs, you know something great will happen and Fu Dao Le may be one of the first games to do this. In Fu Dao Le this occurs when the 'Good Fortune Fu Babies' make an appearance and when they do, you will either score a Big Win, have the Free Games Bonus triggered or have the Red Envelope Feature triggered. If this occurs during the Free Games bonus, you have a shot at a Jackpot even and it's really what you want when you play this one, as you will see, Enjoy!


You play that game like I do. Changing my bets . I was in Tunica and hit 1100 on 3.68 bet . Then about 10 spins hit on the 2.88 for 700 . That game as good potential. I saw a lady once get 4 good fortune in one bonus for massive handpay . One of my fav games

Lar Kirby

I won the pick me in this game once playing online and I won the mini then there was an error 3 times and I got to pick differently every time and I always won the mini!! It's programed not luck

JM Engelhard

Great video, Tim! P.S. My first handpay came from Fu Dao Le a few years ago when I played it at Barona.


good win pal ! i like this game too but the babies can be elusive tho especially on max bet eh? keep up the good vids i enjoy watching your vids nothing ever seems to bother you , good attitude

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Indeed great session. Imagine if the 9s were better symbols? Great hot either way and also fun to see you get the envelope jackpot. Nice triple up overall this was very cool and fun to see!


That game can be a real turd. I like your betting strategy..I might have to try that next time. Nice new intro to your vids, btw! :)


Fu Dao Le Slot Video

ive been on a mission the last couple months to hit that maxi on 38 cents. plus building points lol.
good session. good luck on future tries but it's mine hehe

Anna A Slots

That was great thanks for sharing thumbs up 👍

2019 Fu Dao Le Slot Machines

Yeah Buddy Slots

Great Run! Incredible pay on the 9’s. To bad it wasn’t the fish babies! That would have been epic! Yeah Buddy!

Molly DS

Boo. I hate getting the free games on a low bet after stepping it up higher and higher!


Nice video, but not to sure about this game. The idea of the reels turning into symbols has big potential, but it also disappoints a lot. Fortunately the babies came through and better yet on a big bet. 380 bucks and not even a full screen of nines, very nice 😉


Youtube Fu Dao Le Slots


Good run .nice hit on the red envelope ✉