Are Slot Machines Legal In Virginia

Laws restricting noncommercial ownership/use of mechanical & digital games of chance

The machines are called gray machines because they operate in a gray area of the law. The games look and play like slot machines, though the manufacturers say there is an element of skill involved. Unlike many other US states, which restrict the ownership and display of slot machines to games “twenty-five years old or older,” Virginia’s law is pragmatic. So long as the game you display doesn’t “ eject something of value,” it’s legal.

It’s very popular among those who want to test the waters butaren’t ready to commit money to play at the casino. Online slots free bonus no deposit required.

This is a list of potential restrictions and regulations on private ownership of slot machines in the United States on a state by state basis.

StateLegal Status
AlabamaClass II machines legal
AlaskaAll machines legal
ArizonaMachines 25 years or older legal[1]
ArkansasAll machines legal
CaliforniaMachines 25 years or older legal
ColoradoMachines before 1984 legal
ConnecticutAll machines prohibited
DelawareMachines 25 years or older legal
District of ColumbiaMachines before 1952 legal
FloridaMachines 20 years or older legal
GeorgiaMachines before 1950 legal
HawaiiAll machines prohibited
IdahoMachines before 1950 legal
IllinoisMachines 25 years or older legal
IndianaMachines 40 years or older legal
IowaMachines 25 years or older legal
KansasMachines before 1950 legal
KentuckyAll machines legal
LouisianaMachines 25 years or older legal
MaineAll machines legal
MarylandMachines 25 years or older legal
MassachusettsMachines 30 years or older legal
MichiganMachines 25 years or older legal
MinnesotaAll machines legal
MississippiMachines 25 years or older legal
MissouriMachines 30 years or older legal
MontanaMachines 25 years or older legal
NebraskaAll machines prohibited
NevadaAll machines legal
New HampshireMachines 25 years or older legal
New JerseyMachines before 1941 legal
New MexicoMachines 25 years or older legal
New YorkMachines 30 years or older legal
North CarolinaMachines 25 years or older legal
North DakotaMachines 25 years or older legal
OhioAll machines legal
OklahomaMachines 25 years or older legal
OregonMachines 25 years or older legal
PennsylvaniaMachines 25 years or older legal
Rhode IslandAll machines legal
South CarolinaAll machines prohibited
South DakotaMachines before 1941 legal
TennesseeAll machines prohibited
TexasAll machines legal
UtahAll machines legal
VermontMachines before 1954 legal
VirginiaAll machines legal
WashingtonMachines 25 years or older legal
West VirginiaAll machines legal
WisconsinMachines 25 years or older legal
WyomingMachines 25 years or older legal


Virginia lottery slot machines
  1. ^Arizona State Legislature ARS §13-3309 paragraphs D&E

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We can ONLY ship to states that can legally have slot machines for home use.

AlabamaAny Machine PROHIBITED
AlaskaAny Machine Legal
ArizonaAny Machine Legal
ArkansasAny Machine Legal
California25 Years or Older
ConnecticutAny Machine PROHIBITED
Delaware25 years or older
Florida20 years or older
HawaiiAny Machine PROHIBITED
Illinois25 years or older
IndianaAny Machine PROHIBITED
Iowa25 years or older
KentuckyAny Machine Legal
Louisiana25 years or older
MaineAny Machine Legal
Maryland25 years or older
Massachusetts30 years or older
Michigan25 years or older
MinnesotaAny Machine Legal
Mississippi25 years or older
Missouri30 years or older
Montana25 years or older
NebraskaAny Machine PROHIBITED
NevadaAny Machine Legal
New Hampshire25 years or older
New Jersey30 years or older
New Mexico25 years or older
New York30 years or older
North Carolina25 years or older
North Dakota25 years or older
OhioAny Machine Legal
Oklahoma25 years or older
Rhode IslandAny Machine Legal
South CarolinaAny Machine PROHIBITED
South DakotaPre-1941
TennesseeAny Machine PROHIBITED
TexasAny Machine Legal
UtahAny Machine Legal
VirginiaAny Machine Legal
Washington25 years or older
Washington DCPre-1952
West VirginiaAny Machine Legal
WisconsinAny Machine PROHIBITED
Wyoming25 years or older