Mexican Guy Playing A Slot Machine

Welcome to the best place to play FREE online slots and video poker. Choose from 30+ totally FREE 3-reel and 5-reel slots. No installation or download needed, just. Not a big slots guy, but I saw the title and came here to chime in about how much fun I've had playing Crazy Money! Not slot machine, but the Mexican cantina. How to Play and Bet Sizes. This is an online pokie with 25 pay lines and a large number of winning combinations: Players can go up to $60 when betting on this More Chilli slot machine, whereas a minimum amount of $1 is required at the other end. There are 1c, 5c, and 10c denominations that can be used to alter the betting amounts.

Signs of slot machine addiction

When gambling on a slot machine, the bond between the gambler and the machine becomes personal, no one to interfere with their gambling and no one to compete against. The player feels a fondness for a particular machine and some players even get irritated if they see someone else playing their machine. If the slot player is playing longer than he planned, spending more money than he can afford, and telling lies about how much he wins or loses, perhaps he has a problem. If s/he is concerned about his behavior while gambling and even during periods when the person is away from the casino, perhaps s/he may have a slot machine addiction. Other signs of slot machine addiction include:


1. Belief that you are not gambling with “real money”.

2. Belief that you will win back money that you lost on a slot machine.

3. Developing a personal relationship or bond with a particular slot machine.

4. Feeling irritation when you see someone else playing on “your” slot machine.

5. Playing a slot machine longer than planned.

6. Spending more money on a slot machine than you can afford.

7. Lying about how much you win or lose on a slot machine.

8. Thinking about playing the slots when you are away from a casino.

9. Problems at work, home or in a social setting due to playing the slots.

10. If you think you may have a gambling problem, you probaby do.

Slot machines are designed to be addictive

Slot machines are also known as VLTs (video lottery terminals) or pokies. The machines are designed with three or more reels that spin when a button is pushed or a handle pulled. The machines have different themes containing graphics and music from popular movies or TV show. The sounds, colors, and images on slot machines have been designed by psychologists to seduce the player and the music reinforces the addictive behavior.

Dopamine, adrenaline and slot machines

The rapid response from the machine has a hypnotic effect and stirs up the dopamine in our brains. And the speed of slot machine games keeps the gamblers’ adrenaline pumping. Even if the gambler does not win, the machine makes him feel that he almost did. And for the gambler that can be just as great a feeling as winning the jackpot. In fact, the person can sit there for hours just pushing buttons and zoning out because the games require no thought or skill. Many slot players have commented, “I just couldn’t get up and walk away.”

Instant gratification on slot machines


When a person gambles on slot machines they don’t have to think or plan their next move. They don’t have to wait for cards to be dealt, horses to run around a track, or the end of a sports event, to know the score. Playing the slot machines person knows instantly if he won. Even if he didn’t win, the reels show him how close he came to winning. The machine tells the player that it is ready to pay off because the images on the reels were showing us three, four or five of a kind.

Slot machines are the crack cocaine of gambling

Youtube People Playing Slot Machines

Slot machines are powerful revenue-generating forces designed to keep the player spending more money. The innocence of the slot machine attracts the gambler as he walks through the casino but the slot machine addiction has been described as the crack cocaine of gambling. The money that people gamble on slot machines typically isn’t important and is treated like Monopoly money. Even when the person loses, they believe they will win back all the money they lost to the machine. To compound the losing of money, several ATM machines are located in the gambling area. But what has your experience been? Are you having trouble with slot machine use? Please share your thoughts below, and we will respond to you personally!

Marilyn Lancelot is a recovering alcoholic and compulsive gambler with twenty years of recovery. She has authored three books, Gripped by Gambling , Detour, and Switching Addictions. She also publishes a newsletter on-line, Women Helping Women for recovery from gambling. This newsletter has been published for more than 10 years and is read by women and men around the world.

Mexican slot machine game in not a usual online video slot. It is made by Games OS. All action is happening in Mexico with mariachis, guitars, tequila, and a lot more features of this country. The theme is set in the Mexico beach, covered with sand and palm trees. This slot is similar to Farm.

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Free online Mexican slot machine has a unique and straightforward playing panel, which is displayed on the screen all the time. It contains all information about symbols and credit amounts. It is divided into two parts. On the left side of paytable, you will see all the symbols offered in the game (Mexican woman, mariachis, donkeys, guitars, tequilas, lemons, jingles, cactuses and hot peppers).

You can set the number of credits at 1, 2 or 3. The machine possesses the “Max Bet” mark, which will automatically set your credit to 3. It has 3 possible positions, but only the one it the center counts so a total of 3 reels and 1 line. Once the Bet Max is clicked, the reels start spinning automatically. The Value box displays the bet amount staked per line. To start the reels spinning, use the Spin button. Question mark contains all information about the rules, symbols and game play.

Mexican Trademarks

  • The first 4 symbols can be completed by any other two (always paying from left to right) to trigger a cash reward;
  • The next 4 symbols have to be combined with one more so they can give you a winning conjunction;
  • Mexican woman sign, will not give you any rewards if you don’t collect all 3 of them in the same string.

Mexican Guy Playing A Slot Machines

If there is a winning slip along one of the pay lines formed, the corresponding field in the payout table starts blinking. If there is no gaining combination formed on the line once the reels stop spinning, all the buttons on the control panel become activated, and you can place a new bet. The Win box displays the win amount once the winning “association” is formed on the reels. It equals (Credit value) x (Number of points won according to the payout table).

Chances to Take Prize

  • Return to a player (RTP) for this game varies from 91.55% to 95.56% depending on the stake made.
  • The biggest you can win while playing Mexican free slot is 1000 times your stake. Just adjust your credit amount to 3, get 3 Senorita signs on the line, and the jackpot is yours.
  • Odds for Jackpot will increase the more rounds you play.
  • Gaining odds are always the same during a game.
  • This is a low volatility game ideal for medium budget gamblers who like the classic looking slots, with betting values from 0.5 to 3 with very low risk of losing big money.

Who Can Play?

This Mexican video slot is available in two different versions – In real mode and the fun mode. When you click the switch button, it will take you to “make an account”. If you already have a Real Money account, it will take you directly to switch to Fun Mode login screen. In the Fun mode you can play for virtual money, and in a Real mode, you can score some real cash rewards, but you are required to have a valid real money source. You must be 18+ if you want to try the real money version. The machine is available for play on PC and your Tablet and mobile devices.