Online Casino Live Roulette Tables Are Rigged

We probably all know that feeling, the suspicion that our computerized opponent is not actually playing fair. That time when you’re even money bet has the probability of a long shot. The strange feeling that it’s much easier to way in the fun mode of online roulette rather than when you play with real money.

We do rely on them completely to be impartial but it’s sometimes hard to accept a result which doesn’t go our way. Of course, any online game which is computer controlled is reliant on a random number generator of some sort to simulate ‘fair play’ on the electronic roulette wheels. There are definitely sometimes flaws in these generators that run the roulette wheel, but unless they were deliberately skewed towards the house these very slight variances shouldn’t be an issue. It’s pretty safe to say the vast majority of online casino’s do offer a fair game and not one that is deliberately rigged.

Gambling Online. If you play roulette online, you may be wondering if online roulette systems or live dealer roulette can be rigged. Sadly, roulette online is overall more likely to be fixed than roulette offline. Some of the common ways of deceiving players online include the use of video footage of wheels rather than live or real-time feeds. We’ve ruled out the idea that most online roulette games are rigged, but what about live dealer games? Wouldn’t it be easier to run a crooked roulette wheel from a game studio? The answer is the same. There are rigged live roulette games at scam casinos, but if you stick with the legit ones like Evolution Gaming, that’s not the case. Roulette games are easier to rig offline than online, but when they exist online it is most often that the entire casino system is rigged, rather than the roulette game specifically.

Whether you enjoy playing at land-based roulette tables or live online casinos, you’ve probably wondered if they’re rigged. We’re often asked: “do roulette tables have magnets?” and the short answer is no. Any casino with a valid gambling license will never try to influence a game because getting caught costs a lot of money. The vast majority of live games you’ll play at online casinos haven’t been rigged at all. It’s quite hard to find a casino where the live casino games have been rigged. When playing at online casinos, your money should be safe and the games should always be entirely fair and unbiased. Looking for a legal online casino can seem like a daunting task, because there Are Roulette Tables Rigged are so many of them out there. However, most of the casinos on the Internet marketed for US players aren’t legitimate, which means there Are Roulette Tables Rigged are Are Roulette Tables Rigged only a few good options for real money online gamblers.

If you do come across reports of rigged casinos then it’s obviously worth investigating however never underestimate the power of ‘gambler’s remorse’. This is quite simply, the feeling a gambler has who has lost and wants someone to blame. It’s easy to draw the conclusion that a casino is cheating especially if you’ve encountered some statistically unlikely events.

Casinos Make More Real Money in the Long Run Playing Fair

There’s a few simple reasons that the majority of online casinos do offer a fair game. Firstly many of them use licensed casino games for their sites from the likes of Microgaming, these are hugely successful companies who’s reputation would be destroyed if their games were proven to be unfair. Secondly, for the vast majority of casinos all you need to do to make money is to attract enough players – all games are all biased towards the house anyway. Sure, they’re be a few lucky winners, but these are to be expected and indeed act as a powerful advertisement for any gaming platform anyway. Their profit margin is almost guaranteed by the house edge so there’s little real incentive in the long run to start messing around with random number generators for example.

An important point worth mentioning is that in the vast majority (if not all) cases, the casinos themselves do not control any aspect of the Random Number Generator at the heart of all these games. They are run and licensed by third party companies. They are also mostly tested by yet another third part organization like eCOGRA who are brought in and completely independent.

Of course, this doesn’t alter the fact that it’s perfectly possible to rig online roulette or any computerized game. However the fact is that it’s usually just not worth it especially for the major players in the market. Which is one reason why it’s always best to play any online game through one of the larger companies who treat their player fairly. It’s not always easy to find them online though, particularly because casino licensing and registration of any online casino is often confusing and complicated.

Online Licensing for Betting

Every online casino should be licensed somewhere and that should be displayed on their website. Of course the value of these licenses vary depending on where it’s issued from, some are virtually worthless.

Places which are legitimate and do proper checks on the gaming licenses they issue are Malta and the United Kingdom. The British licenses are issued through the Gambling Commission and you can check through their register to see if a company is genuinely licensed. If it is then you’re almost certainly safe, and if there are any problems you can route your issues directly through them.

This image below will look at your location when you click it and send you to a large, respected online casino accessible in your region.

There’s no doubt though that it can definitely feel like you’re being cheated sometimes when you play online. One of the surefire ways to experience this is to play around with one of the progression systems like Martingale. This system and many of it’s hybrids relies on the fact that you shouldn’t get long streaks of the same number or zone. Yet even the most casual Martingale player will have come across some ridiculous streaks of all blacks or reds/odds/evens etc. When you see an event with a huge probability against it occurring it’s tempting to think that the AI in the casino game is conspiring against you.

There’s almost no way to say for certain, however it’s probably safe to say that widespread rigging doesn’t take place. In fact most complaints for example on popular casino blacklist pages like the one maintained by the Wizard of Odds don’t actually complain about the games themselves. Where the problems usually lie is with customer service particularly regarding payouts, terms and various restrictions hidden in the small print on their sites. There’s no worse feeling for a gambler to be denied a big win via a customer service desk designed to cheat the player. You can play the fairest game on the internet, but if the casino won’t pay out then it’s as bad as the casino being rigged anyway.

It’s a much simpler way to cheat, rather than messing around with legitimate random number generators that all casinos use then simply reference vague conditions or issue new ones to justify not paying out. What’s more there’s little evidence with this method as opposed to doctoring a roulette wheel or messing around with the roulette games.

The worst casinos will just simply refuse to payout a large win or make up some spurious excuse not to do so. Even if they do payout some casino will drag the payout process for ridiculous amounts of time. It’s often surprising how quickly these casino’s can process deposits but struggle to operate in the opposite direction! These casinos will commonly offer unusually large sign up bonuses but protected through equally large play through requirements too. It’s easy to avoid these scenarios though, stick with the big companies – it’s not worth risking smaller online casinos at all.

The point we’re making here is that not that it’s impossible to fix or rig a casino game, because it’s clearly not. However there’s much more risk to this method than simply having a customer service team instructed to avoid paying out whenever possible. Unfortunately it’s extremely difficult to make such a casino pay out even when they’re clearly cheating their players. Online casinos suffer from a lack of regulation and protection for the players which is apparent globally.

If you choose one of the bigger companies, you may miss out on ridiculous bonuses but you should get a fair game with an honest level of customer service. To be fair the major players know that long term these are the factors that almost guarantee success. Every single casino game from roulette to Blackjack has a built in house advantage which gives the casino a positive expectation overall. These companies promote their winners and advertise their successes as it brings more player and more profit.

Forget the Computers and Look for Live Dealers

If you can’t get over your trust issue with computerized games, and really I get it, I do. Or perhaps you want to use a specific roulette strategy that won’t really work against a computer program. Then you have only two options if you enjoy playing casino games and want to continue. First the obvious one is to stop playing online and go find your nearest land based physical casino. They are normally pretty friendly places when you get inside and even the famous ones are usually very encouraging for even the newest players. Obviously this doesn’t suit anyone and especially in the US you can even find yourselves surrounded with casinos or hundreds of miles from one!

The second solution is to carry on playing online but avoid the computer generated games and slots and look for live games run by a live dealer. These are actual games controlled by a real croupier of dealer somewhere, sometimes in real casino or in a studio supporting online players. There’s many more which are run from a studio, for example. These used to be very hard to find, however now most of the larger companies have live games with real dealers. In fact some of the best online roulette games available now are run in this live environment.

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It’s of course possible to rig a live game too in the same way that a real casino could rig a roulette wheel or a table game. However the idea of the dealer having a brake ready to stop the roulette wheel are extremely unlikely. Also the suspicion that your dealer is somehow controlling the roulette table by spinning the wheel at different speeds or using magnetic balls to make sure you lose is probably unfounded.

Online Casino Live Roulette Tables Are Rigged Against

Remember the casino doesn’t need to cheat, in reality they have all the guarantee they need – the house edge which exists in all roulette games. You see it’s physical manifestation as the number zero on the roulette wheels in any casino games. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing online roulette through a random number generator or a live dealer the advantage exists in the rules of the game. Their advantage grows depending on which game, which roulette wheels are used – stay away from American roulette which has the worst odds for the player.

Big Companies Value Their Reputation for Online Roulette

To most of the big brands our individual wins and losses are not of a great concern. The volume of players behind these online roulette games is where the profit lies. Indeed even the share value of these companies is vastly more important than tricking a player out of a win or two. If you stay with the brands you might still lose on you favorite casino games but you won’t lose unfairly. Remember sometimes the laws of probability come up with some unbelievable events. Many times have I seen the experienced Martingale player shaking their heads over some long, incredible streak and random number which has blasted their system (and stake money) away on online roulette.

It can feel that any game is rigged when luck is not going your way, and disgruntled punters are way more to complain online than celebrate their lucky streaks. It’s a game and as long as you make sure the company has a decent reputation and brand you’ll get a fair game.

If you’re in Europe – here’s one of the biggest companies in the online roulette games world. Some great games, helpful service and one of the widest range of roulette games that you can find anywhere.

Can you imagine how much their domain name is worth !

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Historically, roulette is a game that has been tampered with and rigged for personal gain, with several different methods and schemes having been trialled and implemented by individuals and groups – some successfully, some unsuccessfully and almost all culprits having been arrested, in the end.

Online Casino Live Roulette Wheel

Safe online casinos


But today, within land based casinos (brick and mortar casino venues), it is near impossible to rig a roulette wheel, with unprecedented high levels of security in place to ensure casinos remain fraud-free and to ensure any threats are dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Online Casino Live Roulette

And how about Internet based casino sites? The online realm of gambling is always susceptible to fraudulent and corrupt behaviour, and this is why it is imperative to only access and play at online and mobile casino platforms that are licensed, registered and independently regulated by gaming governing bodies and player protection and fair gaming testing agencies.

Rigged roulette wheels at land based casinos

We detailed some of the most infamous land based casino roulette cheats on our ‘biggest roulette heists recorded (link)’ page, and they included:

The 1973 radio transmitter and radio receiver cigarette scam – A group of three people (including a roulette croupier) fit a transmitter into a cigarette package and a receiver inside the roulette ball, giving them the ability to control (to an accuracy of 90 per cent) what section of the wheel the ball would land.

Sector targeting at the Ritz Casino in London – A group of three schemers developed scanners in their mobile phones that were connected to a computer – technology that could judge the speed of the roulette ball, calculate its orbit and determine the section it was most likely to fall into. Two university students also utilised a similar ‘sector targeting’ method to determine the fall of the ball, placing a miniature computerised receiver and emitter inside their shoes (one device reportedly short-circuited and set the student’s socks on fire).

Battery-powered buttons attempt – Another example of a rigged roulette table was uncovered as recent as 2016, by the gaming company Guildford. The company discovered a rare table they owned was fitted with hidden battery-powered buttons that would disrupt the spin of the ball. The table (and possibly many other like this one) was used during the prohibition era in the 1920s, by Al Capone and the mob, when he and his group had mass control of the Chicago underworld. Croupiers could manage where the ball would fall in order to fix the game in favour of the house.

The above scenarios demonstrate the prevalence of rigging roulette wheels and the random outcomes of the drop of the ball, however, today it is far more difficult to pull of such schemes, by either the house or the customers.

Having said that, unregulated brick and mortar casinos that are operated by shady organisations may very well illegally tamper with their equipment so roulette and other games unfairly favour the house. This is why, if you are gambling at land based casinos around the world, it is crucial to play at licensed venues.


Rigged roulette wheels at online and mobile casino sites

Technically, any online gaming operator has the capacity to rig their software in an unjust and criminal way that chiefly benefits their business. However, like in the world of regulated land based casinos, regulated Internet based casino sites have an obligation to offer fair, random and non-tampered with casino games to their members.

The Internet casino sites that we recommend international players in countries where online casinos are legal gamble with are fully licensed and registered by the appropriate gaming governing bodies such as the U.K. Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority and Curaçao eGaming. They are all also regulated by independent testing agencies such as the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance body (eCOGRA) – agencies that check to ensure all software and services meet their approved standards of interactive gaming requirements. The random number generated (RNG) roulette (and other gaming) software provided by legitimate Internet casinos, is tested to ensure it is balanced on a regular basis.

The desire to build strong reputations and an avid customer base means that these interactive gaming operators and Web based software designers always want to ensure their products and services remain fair. Fraudulent and cheating online and mobile gambling platforms will always be detected by unhappy customers and independent auditing sites and gambling forums, like our website.

Live dealer roulette games are also offered at licensed Internet gaming sites, where professionally trained croupiers are in charge of real roulette equipment, operating their games under heavy scrutiny from adjudicators and of course, live streaming video surveillance. Here players can see the transparency of the games, joining in on the action from their desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet via the high definition and live feeds of the roulette gameplay (and other favourite titles). Place your real money wagers and chat with the croupiers, and see the wheel and ball spin in stunning HD quality.

House edges are not the same as rigged casino games


Casino Roulette Online Live Cam

Note that there will always be a house edge (also known as a house bias) when you are playing roulette games, where the games’ odds are always slightly in favour of the house. The casino needs to make a profit for the business to continue to operate successfully and to continue to provide quality gaming products. This is not considered ‘rigged’.

Online Casino Live Roulette Tables Are Rigged Numbers

It is also important to note that the house edge of Internet based roulette titles is lower than that of roulette games within land based casinos – online casino operators offer low-limit European roulette games (single zero variant, for as little as $0.50 per spin), a greater range of unique titles unavailable at brick and mortar casino venues, bonus payouts and even player friendly rules such as La Partage and En Prison.

Best Live Roulette Casinos

Register a a free account with, make the most of the unlimited matched deposit welcome bonus for new players and browse through the fantastic assortment of RNG and live dealer roulette games.