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September 26, 2017 12:41 pm

Online poker is incredibly popular worldwide. The game attracts casual fans, industry insiders, avid players and more throughout the year thanks to major international land-based and online tournaments/gameplay. Filipino residents have access to legal online poker in the Philippines through sanctioned offshore gambling sites. Information on the development of casino games for deployment in brick and mortar casinos. Poker (801) Poker tournaments, online poker legislation, poker law and poker news from around the world; Lottery (469) Major lotteries, lottery companies and lottery news from around the.

Since the Philippines opened up its casino market to foreign companies in 2008, the sector has been growing exponentially and in 2016 the country’s gaming industry was worth an impressive $2.3 billion. Nevertheless, there are now rising concerns that the booming Asian gaming hub, second only to Macau and Singapore in terms of growth, may soon start suffering from overinvestment as investors seek out greater levels of profit.
In addition, Filipino billionaire Enrique Anselmo Klar Razon Jr, the CEO of Bloomberry Resorts, believes there is an even greater risk of existing casinos having their businesses cannibalized after state operated casinos are privatised in 2018. As Razon then explains:
“Cannibalization – it is always possible, over investment. With liquidity nowadays and (low) interest rates, people are making investments that 10 years ago (they) wouldn’t even think about, those kinds of returns.”
Razon, the third-richest person in the Philippines with an estimated wealth of around $4.4 billion, owns the $1.2 billion Solaire Resort & Casino on Manila Bay, which opened in 2013. Other huge casino projects also now completed in the Philippines includes casinos owned Philippine billionaire Henry Sy, Macau magnate Lawrence Ho, and Japanese businessman Kazuo Okada.
The largest owner of casinos in the Philippines, however, is the government-run Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp (PAGCOR) with more than 40 casinos, despite also being the country’s official gaming regulator. Razon said that his company Bloomberry Resorts would consider acquiring more venues when PAGCOR starts privatizing its casinos next year, and that it would also have the advantage over foreign investors for being already established in the Philippines.
“We are not the ones coming in creating the oversupply. It is tougher for the entrant…if Macau companies came to try to buy the licences, we would try to compete with them to buy the licences,” explained Razon.
In the meantime, Bloomberry Resorts is drawing up plans to build another casino in the most populated city in the Philippines, Quezon city, with construction work on the project expected to get underway in the second half of 2018.

Given its expanding market base, online casinos have become lucrative, thriving, and profitable businesses. Millions of people play online casino games either for fun or for real money. As a result, thousands of people have been employed through newly created fields of work. In online sports betting, one area that has been in the spotlight is online casino gambling. Thanks to the online platforms, many people can now access casino sites quickly and conveniently.


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Online Casino QA Tester: Who are They?

Casino online live games. QA tester, also known as a quality assurance technician, is an individual tasked with regular checks and assessments of the software functionality. Their role is to ensure that the gaming software is free of defects and is performing optimally.

Apart from this primary role, QA testers also run several test-runs on the casino’s gaming software. These tests are meant to ensure that software is functioning according to the laid out guidelines. Besides, they are supposed to detect any abnormalities and run debugging programs where necessary.

Qualifications of QA Tester

Given the technical roles assigned to QA testers, one has to meet some qualifications before being certified. First, you have to undergo relevant training, take exams, and get certified if successful. To be a QA, you should have at least a high school diploma, a degree, and, most importantly, relevant field experience. QA testing needs to study computer science or computer information. Furthermore, you should also have vast skills and knowledge so that you can utilize products effectively. There is a need to exemplify relevant experience that will be helpful in your duties.

Given the changing nature of technology, QA testers are also expected to have sufficient knowledge in coding unit tests and quality assurance scripting language. Sufficient operational understanding is also vital for various QA roles.

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Role of an Online Casino QA Tester

As expected, an online casino QA tester’s life revolves around ensuring the software is functioning correctly. Given the technicality of online casino systems, one needs to regularly check them and ensure that they are free from defects. In case of any anomalies, they should fix them immediately. This is what makes the job of an online casino QA tester very challenging. The functionality of the entire platform network is in their hands. Given the seriousness of it, QA testers are expected to be well-versed in dealing with such issues.

Some of the general duties of an online casino QA tester include:

  • Running routine tests on installed software and applications. This is the primary function of a QA tester. By running tests on the software, they confirm that the system meets the set specifications and standards.
  • They record defects and issue status updates: One of the functions of a QA tester is recording all anomalies detected in the systems and fix them if possible. By registering defects, they make it easier to identify similar defects in the future.
  • QA testers offer assistance in the system designing process: One of the qualifications needed to be a QA tester

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