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Pokémon Platinum Version

Also known as: Pocket Monsters Platinum (JP), Pocket Monsters Pt: Giratina (KR)
Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: September 13, 2008
Released in US: March 22, 2009
Released in EU: May 22, 2009
Released in AU: May 14, 2009
Released in KR: July 2, 2009

This game has unused areas.
This game has unused code.
This game has hidden development-related text.
This game has unused graphics.
This game has unused models.
This game has unused items.
This game has unused music.
This game has regional differences.

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Hi all, I have released my patch for decensoring the arcade hall in the GERMAN version of Pokemon Platinum in Veilstone City (Schleiede). Platinum Here you will find the encounter slots for Platinum. The different encounter methods are linked at the bottom of the box. Note that 'today's' trophy garden Pokemon occupies slot 6, while.

To do:
Stuff from the 9/9/2020 Pokémon Platinum source code leak.

Pokémon Platinum is the third version to the 4th generation. It shares a lot of unused content with Diamond and Pearl.

  • 2Unused Graphics
    • 2.1Animation frames
    • 2.2NPCs and Objects
  • 4Unused Moves
  • 6Unused Pokétch Apps
  • 12Regional Differences
    • 12.4Game Corner
      • 12.4.2Changed Dialogue


Unused Maps
There was a gym in Jubilife City?
Unused Map Models
Solaceon Ruins had more rooms?

Unused Graphics

Animation frames


Alternate unused animation frames for Giratina's Altered and Origin forms, respectively. The game uses different sprites for the different animation frames. The unused sprite for its Origin form was actually shown in a pre-release screenshot.


An alternate unused animation frame for Shaymin in its Land Form; however, different sprites are used for the first and second animation frames.

NPCs and Objects


The sprite is a placeholder that occupies twelve slots. The red text reads 'ketsuban', which translates to 'missing number'.


A different version of the large NPC's sprite. The unused version looks more stretched-out, making the sprite seem fat.


This sprite set is in the style of FireRed and LeafGreen. The developers actually went for a similar design in early versions of Diamond and Pearl.


Same as above, but this time it depicts a green-haired male NPC.



Early gray versions of the Rotom items can be found in the files for overworld sprites. Their filenames are firebox, skybox, icebox, waterbox and grassbox. It is worth noting that these are actually found after the used sprites.

Debug UI

Debug UI graphics stored in debugcb_editd_test.narc.

Unused Roaming Darkrai

In the game's files, there is data for an unused encounter with a roaming Darkrai at Lvl. 40. It is released on the map if one executes script command 0x21C with its parameter set to 0x2. The existence of this battle suggests that Darkrai was originally planned to be caught in the same fashion as its counterpart Cresselia. This data also exists in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl.

Unused Moves

Unused Move Effects

0CRaises user's Speed by 1 stage.
0ERaises user's Special Defense by 1 stage.
0FRaises user's Accuracy by 1 stage.
15Lowers enemy's Special Attack by 1 stage.
16Lowers enemy's Special Defense by 1 stage.
37Raises user's Accuracy by 2 stages.
38Raises user's Evasion by 2 stages.
3DLowers opponent's Special Attack by 2 stages.
3FLowers opponent's Accuracy by 2 stages.
40Lowers opponent's Evasion by 2 stages.
4AHits opponent and lowers opponent's Evasion by 1 stages.
60Hits opponent. Also unused in Gen 3.
6EHits opponent. Also unused in Gen 3.
83Hits opponent. Also unused in Gen 3.
85Hits opponent. Synthesis in Gen 3.
86Hits opponent. Moonlight in Gen 3.
8DHits opponent. Unused since Gen 2.
9DHits opponent. Soft-Boiled in Gen 3.
A3Hits opponent. Also unused in Gen 3.
108Similar to Splash; displays the text 'But nothing happened!'

Unused Contest Effect

Effect 0x03 is a unique unused contest effect that intends to increase appeal by two extra points every time the same judge is chosen. However, this function is incomplete and does not seem to work. It also comes with proper text and ingame descriptions.

Unused Wild Held Item Data

Some Pokémon when found in the wild has a chance of holding an item. But several Pokémon can only obtained via evolution or other means, so catching a Pokémon with these items is impossible.

#PokémonHeld ItemsNote
012Butterfree(5%) Silver Powder
015Beedrill(5%) Poison Barb
026Raichu(5%) Oran Berry
036Clefable(5%) Moon Stone (50%) Leppa Berry
038Ninetales(50%) Rawst Berry
047Parasect(5%) Big Mushroom (50%) Tiny Mushroom
053Persian(5%) Quick Claw
059Arcanine(100%) Rawst Berry
062Poliwrath(5%) King's Rock
065Alakazam(5%) TwistedSpoon
075Golem(5%) Everstone Stone
078Rapidash(5%) Shuca Berry
085Dodrio(5%) Sharp Beak
089Muk(5%) Nugget
091Cloyster(5%) Big Pearl (50%) Pearl
105Marowak(5%) Thick Club
110Koffing(5%) Smoke Ball
121Starmie(5%) Star Piece (50%) Stardust
124Jynx(100%) Aspear Berry
125Electabuzz(50%) ElectirizerDiamond & Platinum 50%, Pearl 5%
126Magmar(50%) MagmarizerDiamond 5%, Pearl & Platinum 50%
143Snorlax(100%) Leftovers
149Dragonite(5%) Dragon Scale
151Mew(100%) Lum Berry
162Furret(5%) Sitrus Berry (50%) Oran Berry
186Politoed(5%) King's Rock
199Slowking(5%) King's Rock
230Kingdra(5%) Dragon Scale
232Donphan(5%) Passho Berry
242Blissey(5%) Lucky Egg (50%) Oval Stone
250Ho-oh(100%) Sacred Ash
251Celebi(100%) Lum Berry
276Taillow(5%) Charti Berry
284Masquerain(5%) Silver Powder
286Breloom(5%) Kebia Berry
293Whismer(5%) Chesto Berry
295Exploud(5%) Chesto Berry
295Hariyama(5%) King's Rock
301Delcatty(5%) Leppa Berry
305Lairon(5%) Hard Rock
306Aggron(5%) Hard Rock
317Swalot(5%) Big Pearl
326Grumpig(5%) Tenga Berry
328Trapinch(5%) Soft Sand
345Lileep(5%) Big Root
346Cradily(5%) Big Root
353Shuppet(5%) Spell Tag
362Glalie(5%) Babari Berry
366Clamperl(5%) Big PearlAvailable in Diamond & Pearl
367Huntail(5%) DeepSeaTooth
368Gorebyss(5%) DeepSeaScale
372Shelgon(5%) Dragon Fang
373Salamence(5%) Dragon Fang
374Beldum(5%) Metal Coat
375Metang(5%) Metal Coat
376Metagross(5%) Metal Coat
385Jirachi(100%) Star Piece
398Staraptor(5%) Yache Berry
407Roserade(5%) Poison Barb
413Wormadam(5%) Silver Powder
414Mothim(5%) Silver Powder
416Vespiquen(5%) Poison Barb
421Cherrim(5%) Miracle Seed
428Lopunny(5%) Chople Berry
431Glameow(5%) Cheri BerryAvailable in Pearl
432Purugly(5%) Cheri BerryAvailable in Pearl
433Stunky(5%) Pecha BerryAvailable in Diamond
434Skuntank(5%) Pecha BerryAvailable in Diamond
445Garchomp(5%) Haban Berry
461Weavile(5%) Quick Claw (50%) Grip Claw
462Magnezone(5%) Metal Coat
463Lickilicky(5%) Lagging Tail
466Electivire(50%) ElectirizerDiamond & Platinum 50%, Pearl 5%
467Magmortar(50%) MagmarizerDiamond 5%, Pearl & Platinum 50%
469Yanmega(5%) Wide Lens
476Probopass(5%) Hard Stone
477Dusknoir(5%) Kasib Berry
478Froslass(5%) Babiri Berry

Unused Pokétch Apps

The 'Stopwatch' and 'Alarm Clock' apps for the Pokétch are unused, which was also the case in Diamond and Pearl. They are assumed to have been planned for event distribution, but they were never distributed in any event.


'The Stopwatch is used for measuring time precisely. How quickly can you zip through the Cycling Road?'

Alarm Clock

'The Alarm Clock can be set to sound every 24 hours. Set the alarm time with the lower button. The top button turns it on.'

App 00

Probably a placeholder. The text reads アプリ00 (App 00).

App 12

Probably a placeholder. The text reads アプリ12 (App 12).

App 26

Probably a placeholder. The text reads アプリ26 (App 26).


Appears to be an early version of a bottom-screen menu. The buttons do nothing when pressed.


Toggles the bottom screen's backlight.

Unused Goods

0x58Great TrophyAn impressive trophy awarded only to seemingly indefatigable Pokémon.
0x59Ball OrnamentA commemorative object modeled after a Poké Ball.
0x5ARound OrnamentA very valuable round object that glows in seven colors.
0x5BClear OrnamentA very valuable object that is crystal clear.
0x7AMANAPHY DollA rare Manaphy Doll.
0x7DMAGNEZONE DollA big Magnezone Doll.

Six unused decorative goods that have not been distributed can be found in the game's files. The Clear and Round ornaments may have been used as version exclusives for Diamond and Pearl.

Lost debug mode

To do:
I managed to uncover some images. Upload those.

More than 500 text strings can be found talking about changing values for unknown debugging features. However, the debug menu code is probably lost.
Some example strings of interest (there are many more):

Archive Files

Two text files leftover by the developers. In the filenames, 'tw' refers to 'tornworld' (the Distortion World), and 'uground' refers to The Underground.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


The Hall of Origin event from Diamond and Pearl still exists in Platinum. Arceus also still has its ??? form from Diamond and Pearl. Since the only difference visually is a palette swap nothing needed to be updated for it to work with the new animations.

Arceus also has a Shiny palette for each of its 18 forms. Because the only way to obtain it legitimately was through distributions, the Shiny version of Arceus was left unobtainable through normal means. However, with the unused Hall of Origins event, the player is theoretically able to catch Shiny Arceus. Shiny Arceus was later made available as a distribution via serial code in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire with the purchase of tickets to the 18th Pokémon movie.


The overworld sprites for the so-called 'Stat Trainers' are listed as seven1 to seven5. This indicates that two more characters were planned to be added, further supported by the fact that the sprites are followed by two placeholders (ketsuban).

Pokemon Platinum Game Corner

Regional Differences

Ace Trainer Deanna bug

In the Japanese version of Platinum, it's possible to get stuck in an endless loop battling Ace Trainer Deanna on Route 225 over and over until the player blacks out. This was fixed in international versions.

GTS Level Display Glitch

In early North American versions of Platinum, the game doesn't display the level range of wanted Pokémon on the GTS.

GTS Notifications

To do:
What about the Korean version?

In the Japanese version, players could receive e-mail messages stating when a trade on the GTS was complete. In the North American and European versions, players could only receive notifications through Wii Messaging. This change also applies to Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

(Source: Bulbapedia)

Game Corner

To do:
There's more changed dialogue to cover. Any remainants in the data?

The Veilstone Game Corner games cannot be played in the European and Korean Version in order to comply with PEGI's new rating standards regarding gambling and South Korea's anti-gambling laws. Because of that, almost all references to gambling were removed and rewritten. Note that the Australian version still included the Game Corner, which caused it to receive a PG rating.

New Dialogue

This line of text will shop up once a player approaches a game machine with coins.

If the game machine has no coins, this text will be displayed.

Changed Dialogue

The 'motto' for the Game Corner was changed.

Aim for an Explosion of Luck!The place that everyone talks about!

This is what the instructional sign says in the European and American versions.

Shoot for 10!

Line up these bonus rounds!

If you accomplish the feat of completing 10 uninterrupted bonus rounds,

please go to the counter.

A polite request from the management:

Please take care not to spill Lemonade or Soda Pop on the Game Machines.

This will damage the Game Machines.

If you do happen to spill a drink, please inform reception.

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When a Poke Ball appears, it's a

chance to line up slot marks.

Replays and PIKACHU line up even if

you don't make an effort.

But you need to aim for better marks,

like Poke Balls and Moon Stones.

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I love Veilstone City because of the

department store and Game Corner.

It seems like I'm always coming here!

.. But you know something?

I always have so much fun that before

I know it, it's already night time!

But my trusty Pokemon are with me so

I'm not afraid of going home at night.

Woohoo! CLEFAIRY! Look!

Yeahah! It's a carnival!

Let me share some of my joy with you!

Gyahaha! The Coins! So many Coins!

That Technical Machine will be mine!

Righto! Let me share some of my

happiness with you!

I've been winning a ton today.

Here, take some Coins!

Today I'm feeling on top of the world!

You! Let me share my coins with you!

Listen, when CLEFAIRY appears, that's

your change to line up sevens.

Line thosse babies up and you're into

the bonus round!

Hey! If you search the Game Machines

sometimes extra Coins fall out!

Thing is, it only tends to happen

once a day..

I'll explain how the slot machines

work at this Game Corner.

During regular play, you should

stop the reels from the left.

During a bonus round, watch

where CLEFAIRY points and stop

the reels in that order.

Hi! Let me tell you a little

bit about the Game Corner!

There's a very good reason to try

and collect a lot of coins here!

You see next door, you can exchange

your Coins for Technical Machines!

A friend in my group scored a ton of

Coins here.

Why mess with a good thing?

I'll try the same spot, too!

Recently, my friends keep beating

me at Pokémon battles so..

I come here to let off some steam.


Nothing's going my way today..

Are you a Trainer?

Did you battle the Gym Leader?

She happens to be my daughter.

She's some kind of tough!

Are you a Trainer?

Did you battle the Gym Leader?

She happens to be my daughter.

She's a real tough cookie!

Examine, if you will, the reels,

The Team Galactic logo, it is here.

..Ack. My streak is broken.

Team Galactic, yes, I have a hunch

that they, too, may come here to play.

.. Game Over? How can this be?

..Ack. My streak is broken.What? Game Over? ..AGAIN?

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Retrieved from 'émon_Platinum&oldid=835109'

Character Overview:

Platinum is the female protagonist of the DP series, but she goes by the title Lady Berlitz, and her first name has been kept a secret since the beginning of the series until the story progresses to Canalave City. There were several occasions that her first name has been mentioned, but it has always been covered by other speech bubbles, as if being drowned out by other sounds or voices. This was deliberately done to wait for the release of the third sequel to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, which title was planned as her first name.

Platinum is a descendant of the prestigious Berlitz family, which is a wealthy clan in Sinnoh with a history of more than 200 years, producing fine scholars in every generation. A family tradition calls for each individual to travel to the summit of Mt. Coronet, and collect a special material to create an accessory bearing the family crest. Like her father Sir Berlitz, she is acquainted with Prof. Rowan and has worked as his assistant before she set out on her journey, allowing her to know a lot about Pokemon.

Proud and arrogant, Platinum comes off as a spoilt girl, and only spends her nights at top-class luxurious hotels. She did not find it necessary to reveal her name to people of a lower class, as taught by her butler Sebastian, and thus refused to tell it to Dia and Pearl, whom she mistook as her bodyguards due to a mutual misunderstanding. However, Platinum actually has the heart of an innocent child underneath her perky exterior, and can sometimes come off as goofy even. As she weathered through various adventures under the support of Dia and Pearl, she gradually came to appreciate their presence, shared her glory of victory with them when she won the Super Contest, and even started addressing them by their first names after the incident at Veilstone City.

When Sir Berlitz became Team Galactic's victim of false ransom, Platinum rushed to Canalave City to find him, during which she discovered the truth about Dia and Pearl's real identities, something the boys have known since meeting the real bodyguards but decided to keep a secret from her for the sake of sustaining the ties they've worked so hard to keep. Platinum took the news hard since she trusted the boys so much, and locked herself behind close doors. After sorting out her thoughts through a fitful night's rest, during which she dreamt of the boys perishing in an explosion, she made up her mind to continue their companionship. She revealed her full name to the boys after confessing her own lies throughout their journey, an act to make them equal as friends instead of the client and bodyguard relationship they've shared so far.

According to Platinum herself, she reads at least 10 books each day since her childhood, and as a result, is very knowledgeable in many aspects, a reflection of the virtue she represents: knowledge, making her the most associated with Uxie of the Sinnoh lake trio, the knowledge Pokemon. She is almost like a walking encyclopaedia, which added to Dia and Pearl's misconception that she was a very professional tour guide at the beginning. However, Platinum believes that learning through first-hand practice is much more effective and interesting, and thus constantly wishes to try out and experience everything that comes along. It is therefore no surprise that she has decided to take on both gym and contest challenges, on top of many other things she desires to explore. She easily gets along with people due to her genuine interest and enthusiasm, and is acquainted with Cynthia, who has personally taught her about battling at Eterna.

The same cannot be said about her relationship with Pearl at the beginning though, who has a hot temper and refused to accept the rude attitude of this 'tour guide'. Pearl often got mad at Platinum's arrogance and denials, most of the time pertaining to acts that she was trying to hide from the boys. However, he was amazed at her knowledge and perseverance, and almost always ended up helping her out despite complaining about it. Dia, on the other hand, has a secret crush on Platinum, and knew right from the beginning that she is a true lady. He actively supports her in all of her actions, and strives to keep her happy and protected all the time.

Although seemingly weak and inept at battling when she started, Platinum has emerged as one of the quickest gym challengers in history, conquering six gyms in a matter of 25 days. Her journey has clearly equipped her with remarkable skills as a trainer, gaining the confidence of even Byron when she voiced her determination to thwart Team Galactic's evil schemes. Her talent lies in her ability to promptly put her experience and advice from others to practical use, with the help from her wide knowledge base. Her sources of inspiration ranged from Dia and Pearl's Manzai dialogue, her own drowning experience at the Great Marsh, and even the slot machines at Veilstone's Game Corner.

Character Design:

Platinum's design is based on the female protagonist of the fourth generation DS Pokemon titles, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. With the exception of slight colour tone differences and a relatively longer scarf, her outfit resembles that of her game counterpart. She wears a Diamond Ring on her left finger which signifies the ultimate toughness, and a Pearl Ring on her right which symbolizes the ultimate roundness. Her items are mostly red in colour, including her Pokedex as well as her Poketch.

Occasionally, Platinum is seen without her scarf, and even removes her hat to put on a victory band around her forehead during training sessions with Dia and Pearl. During the Super Contest, she wears a silk dress with a laced chiffon shawl, and ties up her hair at the back into a bun. At the Great Marsh, she changed into a colland-like attire together with Dia and Pearl. On her way to Lake Acuity, she changed into new winter clothes, which match the attire of her game counterpart's Platinum design. However, she donned it again afterwards and remained in her DP outfit until the beginning of the Platinum series. Platinum's eyes are initially coloured greyish purple, and modified to a mixed metallic shade of gold and silver after the release of the Platinum game, which has the same duo colour scheme in its logo.

Platinum's Journey:
DP Series

Platinum's journey began when she decided to follow her family tradition, and set out on a voyage towards the far-off Mt. Coronet summit, where she would obtain a special material to create an accessory that bears her family crest. She agreed to collect data on Sinnoh's Pokemon distribution for Prof. Rowan at the same time, and received three sets of Pokedexes, Poketches and three special Pokemon from him. Her father hired two professional bodyguards to protect her, and an accidental swap of enveloped caused Dia and Pearl to arrive at the agreed meeting place, and she mistook them as bodyguards intentionally chosen for camouflage purposes.

At Oreburgh, Piplup lost its ego when it could not sufficiently protect her from the wild Kricketots and Kricketunes, and Platinum decided to take on gym challenges to help it regain its confidence. Thanks to the training sessions with Dia and Pearl, she managed to obtain victory, and gradually became addicted to the practice as they travelled from city to city. They encountered Mars of Team Galactic at the Valley Windworks, and later met up with Cynthia at Eterna, who personally taught her about Pokemon battling. When they finally reached Mt. Coronet, they discovered that the cavern they have entered would not lead to the summit, and thus continued their journey on the eastern side of Sinnoh. However, while inside the cavern, they were ambushed by Cyrus, who decided to punish them for disturbing the peace of the sacred mountain.

At Hearthome, an accident led Platinum on stage, and when her dignity was questioned, she decided to challenge the Super Contest, and managed to emerge victorious with help of Dia and Pearl. Afterwards, her real bodyguards caught up with them at Veilstone, and the two men snatched Platinum back from Dia and Pearl, whom they believed to be her kidnappers. However, before she had a chance to formally meet her bodyguards, they were banished into another dimension by Saturn of Team Galactic.

Later, following another turmoil at Lake Valor and Platinum's gym challenge at Pastoria, the trio met up with Cynthia again at the Pokemon Mansion, who helped them clear the pack of Psyducks blocking Route 210. At Café Cabin, they learnt of Sinnoh's legend of the lakes from Cynthia's grandmother, and followed her back to Celestic Town, where they encountered Cyrus once again at the ancient ruins that hold the lake legends' secrets. Afterwards, the trio found themselves back at Hearthome, where Platinum engaged in a gym challenge against Fantina. Although she managed to claim victory once again, she was exposed to the shocking news about Sir Berlitz's disappearance at the Pokemon Academic Conference, and rushed to Canalave City with the boys. There, she found her father locked up in a transparent cube with Prof. Rowan, and also learnt the truth about Dia and Pearl's identity, which devastated her due to her trust in them.

Fortunately, she eventually came to terms with herself, and decided to treat Dia and Pearl equally as her companions from then on. The three began their individual journeys at that point to the three lakes of Sinnoh in an attempt to thwart Team Galactic's evil schemes, and Platinum headed to the north for Lake Acuity. On her way, she was rescued by Candice after fainting from the cold in a skiing accident, and subsequently challenged her at the Snowpoint Gym after bumping into Maylene who was there to visit Candice. After obtaining her seventh badge, Platinum headed to Lake Acuity together with Candice and Maylene to face Team Galactic.

At Lake Acuity, the girls were confronted by the TG Commander Jupiter, whose power and skills overwhelmed them all. As a result, Platinum failed to protect the lake guardian, Uxie, from being captured, and had no choice but to retreat back to Snowpoint City. Due to the snowstorm, she stopped by the Snowpoint Temple on her way, where she unknowingly recruited the legendary Pokemon Regigigas. With arrangements made by Byron, Platinum, Candice and Maylene met up with Volkner, the most powerful Sinnoh Gymleader, at the Spring Path, where Platinum convinced the man to give them personal training, and obtained her eighth and final badge during the process. She returned to Team Galactic's Veilstone headquarters afterwards, and after reuniting with Dia and Pearl, successfully freed Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf from their restraints, sacrificing their Pokedexes to the cloaked TG grunt while doing so.

Found and gathered by Cynthia, the trio headed towards the final battleground, the Spear Pillar atop Mt. Coronet, where the legendary deities Dialga and Palkia were clashing. The fallen Gymleaders bestowed several new team members to Platinum to aid her fight, but it was Regigigas who was hiding in her bagpack all this time that really managed to really hold down the dragons to prevent the energy portal from sucking everything in. Platinum accidentally stumbled upon the ancient scripture that Cynthia was carrying, and after deciphering it, learnt about the duality nature of Dialga and Palkia. As Cyrus only had one Red Chain left, the trio tackled the moment of power imbalance and successfully freed Dialga and Palkia. Platinum managed to obtain her accessory which bore her family crest after the crisis was over, but when a creature emerged from the portal to drag away Dialga, Palkia and Cyrus, it was obvious that a new challenge was on the horizon.

Platinum SeriesPlatinum

With the help from her mother, Platinum learnt that the alternate dimension which her true bodyguards were sent away to was probably a place known as the Distortion World. In order to rescue them, she headed to the Battle Zone where powerful trainers congregated, and worked to gather information on the Distortion World. She was joined by the International Police Officer, Looker, who was on a quest to crack down Team Galactic. /p>

At the Battle Castle, Platinum had trouble managing her assets, but eventually mastered the trick and defeated the Castle Valet Darach. Although she failed to learn anything about the Distortion World, a boy named Buck appeared, and told them about the Stark Mountain and its resident Pokemon, Heatran, which he believed was being sought after by Team Galactic. Buck came at odds with Looker, and went off to Stark Mountain on his own. Platinum then challenged the Battle Arcade, where her slot-machine mastery gave her an easy time, until her roulette spin was interrupted by a quake from Stark Mountain before the Brain match, her first passive event forcing her to swap teams with the Arcade Star Dahlia. It was also at this point that Looker separated from Platinum to seek Buck, and Platinum, after much mental struggle, managed to defeat Dahlia./p>

While sending her team of Pokemon to Looker's aid, Platinum moved on to the Battle Factory, where the Factory Head Thorton was said to know something about the Distortion World. Upon her victory however, her battered team returned with a heavily injured Looker and Buck. In order to power up herself, she quickly challenged the Battle Hall as well, and defeated the Hall Matron Argenta with Froslass. She was then approached by the leader of the Frontier Brains, the Tower Tycoon Palmer, also the father of Pearl, who has managed to find information on the Distortion World with the help of Darach. Platinum also learnt about the identity of the serpentine creature which appeared from the portal at the Spear Pillar, it being the ruler of the Distortion World, Giratina. After Thorton successfully restored the speaker-camera intercom device Riley took from Team Galactic, which they believed would lead them to the enemy and the Distortion World, Platinum set off together with Riley, Cheryl, Mira and Palmer on the Tower Tycoon's legendary Pokemon, Cresselia. They ended up at the Sendoff Spring, where they found Marley as well as the cloaked senior TG grunt who has decided to leave Team Galactic after he got fearful of all the mind-controlling tricks of the organization./p>

Under the grunt's guidance, they accessed the portal to the Distortion World inside the Turnback Cave, and Platinum finally found her missing bodyguards in this world where the laws of time and space don't apply. However, everyone soon found themselves caught up in a big clash between various legendary Pokemon of the Sinnoh region, the villainous side mainly comprising of Heatran and Darkrai under Charon's artificial control, as well as Giratina, vengeful for its banishment from the real world and was also under the partial control of Charon. Various trainers, including Dia and Pearl, gradually joined the big battle, and Shaymin, which was brought along by Marley, helped the legendaries on their side by protecting them against Darkrai's sleep-inducing moves. It also turned into its Sky Forme in an attempt to stop Giratina from barging into the original World again, but it was Cynthia who managed to blast down Giratina with a Draco Meteor once it passed through the portal and cornered Charon./p>

With the help of Dialga, Palkia, Cresselia as well as Rotom, Platinum, Dia and Pearl made sure that Charon couldn't escape like before, and Looker finally placed the TG Commander under arrest. With Dialga and Palkia freed into the original world again, Giratina was made to return to the Distortion World, and peace finally returned to Sinnoh. Platinum bid farewell to Looker, who gave the trio a mysterious blue egg from a distant region known as Fiore before his departure to pursue further missions in the land of Unova. The egg later hatched into the mirage Pokemon, Manaphy, who produced yet another species of offspring named Phione.

Pokémon on her Active Team

Piplup → Prinplup → Empoleon
Nickname: NoneOT: PlatinumGender: ♀
Nature: SeriousAbility: TorrentLevel 68
Aqua Jet, Bubble, Blizzard, Drill Peck, Growl, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Metal Claw, Peck, Pound, Vacuum Wave, Water Pulse, Water Sport
This Piplup was one of the three special Pokemon Prof. Rowan wished to study, and Platinum picked it as her partner. Proud and dignified, it shares many traits with its trainer, and lost its ego when it failed to sufficiently protect Platinum at the Oreburgh coalmine, which led to the beginning of gym challenges. It is Platinum's major powerhouse in battling, and evolved into a Prinplup along with Roo and Chimlord at Eterna. At Hearthome, it took part in the Super Contest, and managed to obtain victory in the Normal Rank Coolness category. After evolving into an Empoleon while playing around gym facilities at the Veilstone Department Store, it proved to be an even stronger fighter as it defeated Crasher Wake's Floatzel, Fantina's Drifblim and Candice's Snover in Platinum's following Gym challenges. However, it failed to stand its ground against Jupiter at Lake Acuity, and later underwent intensive training under the guidance of Volkner. At the Battle Frontier, it continued to be Platinum's most dependable team member, and earned Platinum victory at the Battle Castle. Due to a team-swap panel event at the Battle Arcade, it became Platinum's opponent under Dahlia's command. Though feeling at odds initially, Platinum eventually came to terms with her Pokemon and got through the challenge. It was sent to help Looker at Stark Mountain afterwards, and later joined the battle against Charon in the Distortion World. It caught on the Pokerus which was carried by Froslass, Cherrim and Pachirisu.
Ponyta → Rapidash
Nickname: NoneOT: PlatinumGender: ♂
Nature: ModestAbility: Flash FireLevel 59
Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Protect, Rest, Tackle
Ponyta was a home Pokemon Platinum took along with her when she set off on her journey. It carries Platinum on its back when the trio is travelling, but has otherwise accomplished little. It has taken part in the Oreburgh, Eterna, and Hearthome Gym challenges, but was knocked out fairly quickly by its opponents on all three occasions. At the Canalave Gym however, under Platinum's heightened emotions, it managed to knock out both of Byron's Bronzongs with one hit, and evolved into a Rapidash. In the Snowpoint Gym challenge, it was hit hard by Froslass's Wake-up Slap, but Lopunny's Healing Wish restored its health and enabled it to defeat Froslass at the end. Rapidash had a hard time fighting Jupiter's Tangrowth at Lake Acuity, and later received intensive training under Volkner's guidance. At the Battle Frontier, it helped Platinum earn victory at the Battle Castle, but was made an opponent of its trainer at the Battle Arcade due to a panel event. It assisted in the battle against Charon in the Distortion World, and was revealed to have caught the Pokerus from Froslass, Cherrim and Pachirisu.
Nickname: NoneOT: PlatinumGender: ♀
Nature: NaiveAbility: Cute CharmLevel 51
Dizzy Punch, Focus Blast, Healing Wish, Jump Kick
Platinum captured this Pokemon somewhere on her way from Canalave City to Lake Acuity, and it was first seen at the Snowpoint Gym. Not having used it in any battles before, she sent it out with uncertainty in her battle against Candice's Abomasnow, which it eventually managed to defeat with Jump Kick. It was then held down by Froslass, but used the sacrificial move Healing Wish to pass the baton back to Rapidash. It received training under Volkner with Empoleon and Rapidash, and later continued to prove itself an invaluable team member at the Battle Frontier where it tricked Darach to believe that Gallade has won when it has actually inflicted both infatuation and confusion on the blade Pokemon. It had to fight Platinum as an opponent under Dahlia's command at the Battle Arcade due to a panel event, and later assisted in the battle against Charon in the Distortion World. It has caught on the Pokerus from Froslass, Cherrim and Pachirisu along with Empoleon and Rapidash.
Nickname: NoneOT: CandiceGender: ♀
Nature: QuietAbility: Snow CloakLevel 60
Ice Shard, Wake-up Slap
Once an opponent, Froslass was given to Platinum by Candice at the Spear Pillar to power up her team. However, it really shone during Platinum's Battle Frontier challenge. Being a powerful wielder of ice attacks, Froslass won 170 consecutive battles at the Battle Hall, and helped Platinum beat Argenta's Dragonite in the final match, conquering the facility. Before that, it went off to Stark Mountain to rescue Looker and Buck, who were severely injured by Heatran, Team Galactic's newly captured weapon. It assisted in the fight against Charon in the Distortion World, and was revealed to have caught the Pokerus while under the care of Daisy and Bebe. It passed on the virus to Platinum's other team members along with Cherrim and Pachirisu.
Nickname: NoneOT: GardeniaGender: ♀
Nature: DocileAbility: Flower GiftLevel 49
At the Spear Pillar, after being floored by Cyrus and the legendary deities, Gardenia gave this Cherrim to Platinum to complete her team. Platinum wasn't able to use it right away, however, since Palkia's attack broke the switch of its Pokeball. Later, at the Battle Frontier, Cherrim was sent to rescue Looker and Buck at the Stark Mountain along with Platinum's other team members. It played a part in battling Charon in the Distortion World, and fainted his Slowking with a Solarbeam. While giving chase to Giratina, Cherrim detected the presence of strong sunlight coming through a portal leading to the original world, and morphed from its Overcast Forme to its Sunshine Forme. It was revealed that Cherrim caught on the Pokerus along with Froslass and Pachirisu while under the care of Daisy and Bebe, which they later passed onto the rest of Platinum's team.

Pokemon Platinum Slot Machine Guide

Nickname: NoneOT: VolknerGender: ♂
Nature: QuirkyAbility: Run AwayLevel 53
Captivate, Last Resort
This Pachirisu was given to Platinum by Volkner through Maylene in order to perfect her team. Although Platinum received it at the Spear Pillar, Palkia broke the switch of its Pokeball and made it unable to join the fight. At the Battle Frontier, Platinum sent it to Looker's aid along with her other team members to rescue Looker and Buck from Team Galactic.It helped in the battle against Charon in the Distortion World, and gave his Slowking a hard time with its Captivate and Last Resort combo. It was later revealed that it caught on the Pokerus along with Froslass and Cherrim while being tended by Daisy and Bebe, and later passed on the virus to Empoleon, Rapidash and Lopunny as well.

Pokémon she has had or been partnered with

Nickname: ChimlordOT: PearlGender: ♂
Nature: NaughtyAbility: BlazeLevel N/A
Platinum borrowed Chimlord from Pearl to challenge the Veilstone Gym due to an accident while trying out the Wide Lens she won from the Game Corner, and Maylene specifically requested to have this Monferno as her opponent. It engaged in a close-up combat with Riolu, whose powerful fighting moves forced it to switch out. After Meditite and Chatlord were knocked out, Chimlord faced Riolu once again, and managed to win when Platinum applied the technique of focusing she learnt from playing the slot machines.
Nickname: ChatlordOT: PearlGender: ♂
Nature: HastyAbility: Tangled FeetLevel N/A
Pearl lent Chatlord to Platinum along with Chimlord for her Veilstone Gym challenge, since the two Pokemon have often worked together. Chatlord's Chatter gave Riolu a hard time and forced it to switch out, but was subsequently assaulted brutally by Meditite's series of powerful physical attacks. With Mirror Move, it managed to turn it table around, but was knocked out by Riolu afterwards.
Nickname: RooOT: DiamondGender: ♂
Nature: RelaxedAbility: OvergrowLevel N/A
Dia lent Roo to Platinum for her Pastoria Gym challenge when they failed to catch any grass Pokemon at the Great Marsh. Despite its humongous size, Crasher Wake's Quagsire managed to hurl it into the waters. Fortunately, the Lady tricked Wake to think that she was drowning, and resurfaced with Roo on the other side to defeat Quagsire with a super effective Giga Drain.
Nickname: BehOT: DiamondGender: ♂
Nature: ImpishAbility: PickupLevel N/A
Platinum borrowed Beh from Dia for the Hearthome Gym challenge upon Pearl's suggestion. With its super effective Lick attack, it quickly defeated Fantina's Duskull. However, it fell victim to Mismagius's illusions, and lost itself amid a room full of food. When Platinum finally gave up on logic, and joined Beh in the illusionary fun, she managed to command it to use Fling, hurling out the heavy Iron Ball to faint Mismagius.
Nickname: MooOT: PlatinumGender: ♂
Nature: HardyAbility: Thick FatLevel N/A
This Mamoswine was one of the many wild ice Pokemon watching Platinum's Snowpoint Gym challenge, and Platinum caught it per Candice's suggestion. However, she didn't mean to keep it for herself and actually captured it for Dia since it reminded her of the boy. She gave it to Dia after they met up again in Veilstone and were on their way towards Mt. Coronet.
Nickname: GheeOT: PlatinumGender: N/A
Nature: LaxAbility: Slow StartLevel N/A
This legendary Pokemon was slumbering at the Snowpoint Temple, where Platinum accidentally stumbled upon after her defeat by the Team Galactic Commander, Jupiter. During her unconscious state, an empty Pokeball of hers rolled towards Regigigas, and it apparently joined her team secretly and kept itself hidden inside her bagpack. At the Spear Pillar, when Dia attempted to close the energy portal created by Dialga and Palkia's clash by sacrificing himself, Regigigas popped out from its Pokeball and chose Dia as its trainer to fight alongside with.

Nickname: N/AOT: FantinaGender: ♀
Nature: N/AAbility: AftermathLevel N/A
Fantina lent Drifblim to Dia, Pearl and Platinum when they needed a means to travel to Canalave quickly from Hearthome. While Dia kept Drifblim after the trio split up, it was left behind at Lake Verity along with Roo and Lee after the boy broke into Team Galactic's air-shuttle. The three Pokemon were brought to Pearl at Pastoria City by Sebastian, Roseanne and Dia's Mom, which Pearl later returned to Dia at the Veilstone Galactic Building.

Nickname: N/AOT: DahliaGender: N/A
Nature: N/AAbility: N/ALevel N/A
Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Hyper Beam, Psychic
When Platinum faced Dahlia at the Battle Arcade, the roulette landed on the Pokemon Swap event which made the two trainers swap teams. Reluctant to hurt her own Pokemon, Platinum hesitated when she commanded an Aura Sphere from Togekiss, which gave Dahlia the chance to knock it out with Lopunny's Focus Blast.
Nickname: N/AOT: DahliaGender: N/A
Nature: N/AAbility: Pure PowerLevel N/A
Originally belonging to Dahlia, Medicham was swapped under Platinum's control at the Battle Arcade when the roulette landed on the Pokemon Swap event. After Platinum agreed with her own three Pokemon that they would still give their best despite being on opposite sides, Medicham helped her confirm their fighting will by its ability to read aura. At the end, it was Medicham who landed the decisive blow on Rapidash to earn Platinum her victory over Dahlia.
Nickname: N/AOT: DahliaGender: N/A
Nature: N/AAbility: N/ALevel N/A
Ludicolo was one of Dahlia's Pokemon that got swapped to Platinum in her Frontier Brain challenge at the Battle Arcade due to the roulette event. It packed a range of powerful attacks, but wasn't able to put them to good use until Platinum finally sorted out her indecision about battling her own Pokemon.
Nickname: N/AOT: Battle FactoryGender: N/A
Nature: N/AAbility: N/ALevel N/A
Destiny Bond, Pin Missile, Toxic Spikes
Platinum has kept this rental Pokemon on her team the whole time during her Battle Factory challenge. It inflates itself to release powerful spikes to inflict both damage and status conditions. It has single-handedly taken out opponents like Kadabra, Seedot and Porygon.

Pokemon Diamond Arcade Spot

Nickname: N/AOT: Battle FactoryGender: N/A
Nature: N/AAbility: N/ALevel N/A
Platinum used this rental Pokemon in the first set of her Battle Factory challenge. She later traded it for a Kadabra.

Slot Machine Pokemon Platinum Gba

Nickname: N/AOT: Battle FactoryGender: N/A
Nature: N/AAbility: SoundproofLevel N/A
Roar, Stomp
This rental Pokemon has been on Platinum's the whole time during her Battle Factory challenge. It uses sound-based attacks like Roar, but is immune to them itself due to its ability. It stood up against Thorton's Tyranitar in the Frontier Brain match.

Pokemon Platinum Arcade Spot

Nickname: N/AOT: Battle FactoryGender: N/A
Nature: N/AAbility: N/ALevel N/A
Miracle Eye, Psycho Cut
Platinum faced this Kadabra in the 13th consecutive match at the Battle Factory. After winning the round, she traded her Grimer for it and kept this rental Pokemon on her team throughout the rest of her challenge. It surprised Thorton by scoring a psychic attack on the dark type Tyranitar by using Miracle Eye.