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How many character slots do you get in EQII? It depends on which service you choose and which subscription or membership you've chosen.

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Like all classes in the game, the Warden has 12 available feats divided into 4 slots (3 per each) and you can use 4 of them - one per each slot. Below, you can find the table with each feat's description. Free character slot voucher. Michel Z September 13th, 2018 6087. The Warden has arrived and new items and updated bundles are available on the Hongmoon Store.


There are two subscriptions available on the traditional EQII Live service:

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  • Regular Subscription: 7 slots [1]
  • Station Access Subscription: 12 slots [2]

When you have an EQII Live subscription of either type you will have that many character slots available on each of the Live regions: US, EU, and Test. /online-casino-hiring-in-taguig.html.

EQII Extended

  • Bronze: 2 slots
  • Silver: 3 slots
  • Gold: 7 slots
  • Platinum: 10 slots [3]

Reducing your Subscription/Membership

If you change subscription/membership levels and have more characters than available slots, the most recently played is what the game will display at character select. The other toons are still stored by SOE, but will be unavailable unless you pay for those slots via membership, subscription, or by purchasing extra slots.

Purchasing Extra Slots

As of October 5, 2010, it is possible to buy extra character slots on the Marketplace for a one-time fee of 1000 Station Cash, or $10 USD. Slots are permanent. You pay for them once and they stay on your account forever. You can purchase as many character slots as you like. [4][5]

Character slots are not shared between EQ2 Live and EQ2X. So if you buy a slot on EQ2 Live, you do not have an extra one on EQ2X unless you buy it there also. [6]

Once you purchase the Character Slot token from the Marketplace, you will need to right-click and use the item added into your inventory before the slot will be available.

Extra Slots on EQII Live

  • Character slots sold are *in addition to* any slots you are getting by being an SA subscriber. (Example: If you had 12 slots available as an SC subscriber and you purchase two more slots in the marketplace, you'll now have 14 slots available.) [7]
  • If you buy slots and cancel your SA subscription the extra slots will still be available with your regular subscription. [8]
  • If you had unusable characters from having Station Access in the past, purchasing character slots will unlock them in the order that they were last logged in. [9]
  • A character slot purchase will give you a character slot on all three Live regions: US, EU, and Test. [10]
Warden Free Character SlotWarden Free Character Slot

Extra Slots on EQII Extended

  • Character slots are additive to whatever membership status you currently have. For example, if you are a Bronze player (two slots) and buy three more slots, you'll have five slots available. If you then upgrade to Gold status, you'll have seven slots (Gold) plus the three slots you purchased for a 10 available character slots. Downgrading works the same way. [11]

Russian Servers

Because there is no Station Cash Marketplace on the Russian servers, they are expected to not have this service available to them.

Warden Free Character Slot Generator

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The following is a list of heroes in the game For Honor. There are four types of Heros in the game: Assassins, Heavies, Hybrids, and Vanguards. And 4 Factions which are the: Knights, Vikings, Samurai and the Wu-Lin.

Warden Free Character Slot Game

List of heroes

Hero NameFactionUnlock CostInfo
The WardenKnightsFreeAdaptable, Straightforward
The Conquerorknights500 SteelStrong defense, Hard hitter
The PeacekeeperKnights500 SteelFast, Counter-attacker
The LawbringerKnights500 SteelCounter-attacker, Disabler
The CenturionKnights10,000 Steel or purchase the Heros DLCMelee-specialist, Mix-Up intensive
The GladiatorKnights10,000 Steel or purchase the Heros DLCStamina preserver, Mix-Up intensive
The VortigerKnights15,000 Steel or purchase the Year 3 Pass DLCCounter-Attacker, Protector
The RaiderVikingsFreeAdaptable, Straightforward
The WarlordVikings500 SteelHarasser, Counter-attacker
The BerserkerVikings500 SteelShort range, Harasser
The ValkyrieVikings500 SteelAdaptable, Disabler
The HighlanderVikings10,000 Steel or purchase the Heros DLCTwo combat forms, Technical fighter
The ShamanVikings10,000 Steel or purchase the Heros DLCPredatory, Fast attacker, Blood Trance
The JormungandrVikings
The KenseiSamuraiFreeAdaptable, Good range
The ShugokiSamurai500 SteelDisabler, Hard hitter
The OrochiSamurai500 SteelAgile, Counter-attacker
The NobushiSamurai500 SteelLong range, Versatile retreats
The ShinobiSamurai10,000 Steel or purchase the Heros DLCMobile, Counter-attacker
The AramushaSamurai10,000 Steel or purchase the Heros DLCFast attacks, Feint, Counter-attacks
TiandiWu Lin15,000 Steel or purchase the Marching Fire DLCAdaptable, Dodge-specialist
Jiang JunWu Lin15,000 Steel or purchase the Marching Fire DLCLong range, Stamina regenerator
NuxiaWu Lin15,000 Steel or purchase the Marching Fire DLCIsolator, Mix-Up intensive
ShaolinWu Lin15,000 Steel or purchase the Marching Fire DLCHighly mobile, Qi stance

Warden Free Character Slot Games

Related Trophies / Achievements

Warden Free Character Slots

The Trophies or Achievements that are related to Heros.

Achievement NameHow to getXboxPS4PC
An Unstoppable ForceComplete 10 matches with any Wu Lin


Legendary HeroReach Reputation 5 with any HeroYesN/AN/A
I've Heard Your NameReach reputation 1 with one of the Vikings


Swag UpEquip a Hweo with Heroic armor and weapons

in all gear slots.

Play Your WayEquip a different Effect, Emote and Execution on

a single Hero

Evening WearUpdate a second loadout for a Hero by setting a

feat other than the default.

ImpressiveReach reputation 1 with any of the Samurai Heroes.Yes
Get KnightedReach reputation 1 with any of the Knights Heroes.Yes
You're So VainEquip an Ornament on 4 heroes of a single faction.Yes
Getting the band back togetherRecruit 3 Heroes of a single faction.Yes
You're A WizardSet 4 non default feats for a single Hero.Yes
Discrening TasteEquip your first symbol, pain pattern and color

swatch on any Hero.

Loyalty and RighteousnessReach reputation 7 with any of Wu Lin the Heroes.Yes
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